Karate World Championships 2016 in Linz

Hara. The center.

Hara is the middle of the body, the seat of one’s inner and outer strength.


Do. The way.

Do stands for development, striving, growth, conservation and change, consciousness, insight, adaptability, the chosen life.


Kime. The decision.

Kime is the total commitment to act, showcasing one’s inner energy (Ki) in his/her external movement.


Kamae. The readiness.

Kamae is an internal as well as external state of readiness. Body and mind are open and prepared for fast action and reaction.


Rei. The greeting.

The bow in Karate-do is an expression of courtesy, respect and thankfulness. “Without courtesy, the value of Karate-do gets lost” (Gichin Funakoshi).


The focal points

In addition to the values and colors, there are other areas of the World Championships, which fit seamlessly into the overall concept. Each focus is very important to us, therefore, these priorities are whole days dedicated. The focus is dedicated to you Casinoformat.

  • Culture
    26. October 2016
  • Responsibility
    27. October 2016
  • Persons with disabilities
    28. October 2016
  • Art
    29. October 2016
  • Sports
    30. October 2016

News around the WC 2016 in Linz


Breath taking opening ceremony

17.10.2016 - A phenomenal trip through the world, Austria and Upper Austria in five different acts – this is what awaits you at the exceptional opening concert of the World Karate Championships on October 25th in the TipsArena in Linz (18:30pm).

Buchinger, Muguruza, Plank, Foto Daxner

European champion Plank trains with Schett, Grönefeld and Peschke

12.10.2016 - “Karate meets tennis” was the motto of the General Ladies in the TipsArena in Linz. European karate champions Bettina Plank and Alisa Buchinger showed an impressive show-fight followed by a crash course of self-defense.


Martial- and photographical art at the Design Centre in Linz

11.10.2016 - Photographers form 115 nations presented 15.000 pictures for the Trierenberg-Award. At the gala the the attention was clearly on the world championships, which will be held from 25th to 30th October in the TipsArena in Linz. “We’ve chosen the category Kime, the deciding moment” says world championships head-organizer Ewald Roth.



The Republic of Austria with about 8.4 million inhabitants and a size of 83,878 km² is located in Central Europe. The neighboring countries are Germany and the Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia and Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west.

Upper Austria

Upper Austria is with an area of 11,982 km² and 1.4 million inhabitants the fourth largest state in Austria. It borders the states of Germany and the Czech Republic as well as in the provinces of Lower Austria, Styria and Salzburg.


Linz is the largest town in Upper Austria. As it is both chartered municipality district and administrative headquarters of the district of Linz-Land. Its present economic importance obtained Linz as an industrial location and transportation hub.

Map: Europe with Austria in its country colors