146 World Championshops volunteers made Kata in Linz and carry the event full of energy to the world


"Rei! Heian Shodan "- this command Hans Werner Streicher, Head of the Organization of the Karate World Championships, 25th-30th October in the TipsArena of Linz, gave at the end of Volunteers Workshop. Then 146 seminar participants started making this Kata. "This energy ran like a thread through the course. We now have over 100 new international ambassadors from Germany, Poland, Sweden, Russia, France, Morocco and Denmark for the World Championships", OC President Streicher was impressed.

A lot of positive energy at the workshop in Linz! This gives strength for the whole World Championships and many volunteers who have got a lot of background information about the event highlight in Linz.
From the opening concert to the Closing Ceremony up to 600 employees will be in use. "Now I am enlightened," said an enthusiastic German volunteer after the seminar. "We have explored the city of Linz on a scavenger hunt, saw the fascinating Ars Electronica Center and especially the TipsArena. It was great", Lisa from Russia said at her interview for karate2016.tv. Martina from Erlangen added: "This philosophy behind the World Championships - with the colors and the values ​​from the Far Eastern world - this is unique." She means Hara, Do, Kime, Kamae and Rei - ideas which will be transported before and during the World Championships to all participants and visitors even in the World Championships song by Andie Gabauer.

The volunteers left impression also in tourist way: They all ran within the City of Linz wearing the WeAreKarate t-shirts. A colorful image, due to many passersby were aware of the World Championships.
Big thanks to Tourism Linz (http://www.linztourismus.at/), who made it possible to organize this amazing Volunteersworkshop.
"To invite volunteers before the event - that is not really common. We have done it and brought enthusiasm into the team. So we have got a positive image and the word of mouth. I want to thank you to my OC team for the organization, the WIFI-Hotel for the excellent care and our WC-caterer Chef Partie for the great service", said Hans Werner Streicher.