BKB-ÖKB-day 8th of October, Pfarrkirchen, Germany


October 8th was a real premiere for both the Austrian Karate Federation and the Bavarian Karate Federation. Pfarrkirchen (Germany) hosted this event and World Championships chief organizer Ewald Roth invited Bavaria’s Athletes to join the competition in Lower Austria, which they consider as their own home, too. He also pointed out that the rumours about the tickets being sold out weren’t true and that also enough hotel rooms were available for our guests.

For the first time he presented the 6-day ticket package, which includes the Shownight, all Eliminations and the Finals. The special package is available for 150,- EUR via +43 732 7277 281
Hotels cannot be booked via the usual booking platforms but at info@touristik.at.

The training sessions were held by Juan Luis Benitez Cardenes in Kumite and Marco Kassmanhuber in Kata (both Austrian Karate Federation) and the participants of the Bavarian Karate Federation were impressed.

Especially remarkable was that the president of the German Karate Federation Wolfgang Weigert did not just open the event but also held training sessions as well. It showed that not all officials are disaffected by the base, which unhappily happens in most federations. This deserves some applause.

Photos: Melanie Feldmeier