Breath taking opening ceremony


A phenomenal trip through the world, Austria and Upper Austria in five different acts – this is what awaits you at the exceptional opening concert of the World Karate Championships on October 25th in the TipsArena in Linz (18:30pm).

The shownight “Greeting the world” is a great musical highlight composed by Hermann Miesbauer and directed by Alexander Quasniczka. Almtal’s Gerhard Pirner, well known from ARTE, is directing the musical event.

Here’s a short first taste of the five acts in style of the five continents and the five themed days of the world championships:

The shownight initiates with the entry of all participating nations under the aspect of “Do” which stands for the way our guests had to walk. All five continents will be received with different compositions. Europe will be followed by classical music, America by swing and salsa, Africa will enter the arena with Arabic or rather typical African drum-rhythm-music.
The next musical score’s theme is “Hara”, the centre, which represents Austria and then particularly Upper Austria. The musical trip will be accompanied by fantastic landscape images and dances like ballet or in traditional Austrian Dirndl dresses. The sunrise is the beginning: From Traunstein to Bad Ischl, the home of the Waltz, to Bergbach, the Salzkammergut to the Innviertel. After showing the central area of Linz, the Voest and Dachstein the day is quietly ending on a mountain pasture.
“Kime” is the third part of the show– the motto is “the spirit is free”. The musical trip continues with the enterprise theme and the giant possibilities for all people, with or without disabilities. Goose bumps will also be a part of the opening ceremony; blind Georg Nußbaumer from Vorarlberg will perform the piece “Strong” and then also sing “What a wonderful world.”

Kamae, the fourth part, will show the art and beauty of the sport karate. A projection screen will show the artistic part of building a bridge to connect the karate world.

Rei is the sport, it’s the finale. The song of the World Karate Championships “WeAreKarate” by Andie Gabauer ensures the musical showdown. It’s a thrilling programme for the start of the world championships from 25th to 30th October.