Comprehensive talks with WKF in Madrid


Over the last couple of days comprehensive talks about the status of the arrangements for Linz 2016 were held in Madrid at the WKF´s (World Karate Federations) main office.

As the home world championships in Linz require some smaller and bigger adjustments of valid regulations, those changes were discussed by the two chairmen of the WC-organization, Ewald Roth and Hans Werner Streicher with WKF´s general manager Francisco Alegrete and head of the tournament Esteban Pérez. Of special help was a true to scale, fully versatile 3D-model of the TIPS-Arena which was prepared and implemented by Salmin Herac.

Further, the end of September pending question whether Karate should be included in the Olympic Summer Games 2020 in Tokyo took a very positive influence on the discussion. A positive decision would mean additional impetus on the one hand, additional challenges on the other – we are anxious to hear the result.

The crucial reforms affect the entire schedule of the world championships. There will be an opening ceremony beyond the tournament phase in Linz for the first time in the world championship´s history. It takes place on the evening prior to the competitions in the TIPS-Arena. Within the framework of a big concert of the Anton-Bruckner-University orchestra with artistic supervision of the Art-University Linz and the AEC (Ars Electronica Center) the nations are welcomed with an exceptional music and light show. It will be an evening of the senses for all the people participating in the TIPS-Arena.
The closing ceremony will be redesigned and revalued as well. There will not only be the handover of the banners to the next organizers (Peru, 2018), but also another firework of emotions as Rei (gratitude) to the guests and nations.

The competitions of people with physical and/or mental disabilities´ integral inclusion will be another new aspect in Linz. Thereby, Karate-do is one of the few types of sport, where entire inclusion is implemented in all areas.

One of the most important aspects to be discussed was the TIPS-Arena´s layout for the opening ceremony and the competition phase. Nearly all discussed points could be agreed on.

The crucial corner points were presented to Antonio Espinós, president of the WKF, during a dinner. He was very satisfied about the arrangements´ status and denotes Linz 2016 as the WKF´s innovative WC-project.

The visit to Madrid was another important milestone on our way to the WC in Linz – the WKF as well as ourselves are very confident that Linz 2016 will be an outstanding world championship!