Arnold Schwarzenegger´s personal invitation


At the annual "Arnold Sport Festival" in Columbus, Ohio, Ewald Roth, Chair of the Organizing Committee, had the chance to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger in person.

The dimensions of this sport-festival are enormous: approximately 220.000 visitors gather in a huge building to watch more than 70 shows and competitions.

Roth presented a handwritten invitation for the Karate-WC in October 2016 in Linz to Schwarzenegger.

The Terminator was really pleased to hear about the event and even more pleased to hear of the full inclusion of persons with disabilities. The date is now being checked by Arnie´s assistant. We really do hope, he is not busy in October!

When he left, he did say goodbye to all present -- naturally he did that in English. But for the WC Chair he used his mother language and just said: "Servus, alles Gute" (which means something like: Bye and all the best!).