Karate World Championships at „Licht ins Dunkel“


At the ORF´s (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) Christmas Reception and the “Sport am Sonntag für Licht ins Dunkel”-charity show on December, 20th 2015, the Karate World Championships 2016 was a big talking point. The Karate World Championships 2016-gingerbred, freshly made by Pani, a bakery in Perg, attracted a lot of attention as well.

Alisa´s and Bettina´s live appearance as part of the show was definitely one of the evening´s highlights. The interview´s introduction was a very appealing presentation for the Austrian TV audience of Karate-do and the World Championships in Linz through great collage of WC-archive material and the latest videos from Okinawa.
Another highlight for our two ladies was for sure the spontaneous conversation with the Austrian Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer and Minister of Sport and Defense Mag. Gerald Klug. Both gentlemen were very impressed by the record of success of the athletes as well as by the World Championshipos at home next year and guaranteed their full support.