New year starts with support from Bremen at intense workshop


The year of the World Championships 2016 was introduced by an intense workshop accompanied by proceeded arrangements.

The “Bremen 2014” organizing team joined their Austrian colleagues. Horst Kaireit and his associates arrived Friday in the afternoon and worked intensively together with the local organizers for the whole weekend.
After a short introduction to the latest developments going on and the presentation of the next steps, the distinctive areas of tasks were discussed intensively. The WC 2014 hosts´empirical knowledge was considered in the planning of the next specific steps.
At the concluding lunch, taken at the Ars Electronica Center´s restaurant Cubus, the collaboration with the German colleagues was specified even a step further – the whole organizing team from Bremen 2014 will be volunteering at the Karate-World Championships in Linz 2016. This passion and qualitatively hard to beat teamwork is another major step to host the best Karate-World Championships ever.