Offical visitation of WKF in Austria


WKF-General manager Francisco Alegrete and Esteban Perez, who is responsible for all issues of the tournament organisation visited Linz to peer the strategic concept and the locations of Linz 2016. Mr. Alegrete was accompanied by the managers of the TV-production company, which will produce the Karate Championship 2016.

The visitation started in Budokan in Wels, where the guests were informed about the general concept and some very important requests for modification of the rules of organisation. In Linz 2016 the plan is to implement seperate opening and closing ceremonies and a special form of inclusion of persons with disabilities. General manager Alegrete and Mr. Perez saw the advantages over the current version of the rules and agreed to inform the EC of WKF about the change requests.

Another major part of the visitation was the checking all plannings on-site in the venues Design Center and TIPS-Arena. The result is very pleasing for the organisation of Linz 2016, because the design of the locations and the operational structure
were confirmed!

Mr. Alegrete and Mr. Perez will now summarize all results of the visitation and the local organising commitee can start the operational work of preparation for the World Championships 2016 on an approved basis.