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Breath taking opening ceremony

17.10.2016 - A phenomenal trip through the world, Austria and Upper Austria in five different acts – this is what awaits you at the exceptional opening concert of the World Karate Championships on October 25th in the TipsArena in Linz (18:30pm).

Buchinger, Muguruza, Plank, Foto Daxner

European champion Plank trains with Schett, Grönefeld and Peschke

12.10.2016 - “Karate meets tennis” was the motto of the General Ladies in the TipsArena in Linz. European karate champions Bettina Plank and Alisa Buchinger showed an impressive show-fight followed by a crash course of self-defense.


Martial- and photographical art at the Design Centre in Linz

11.10.2016 - Photographers form 115 nations presented 15.000 pictures for the Trierenberg-Award. At the gala the the attention was clearly on the world championships, which will be held from 25th to 30th October in the TipsArena in Linz. “We’ve chosen the category Kime, the deciding moment” says world championships head-organizer Ewald Roth.


BKB-ÖKB-day 8th of October, Pfarrkirchen, Germany

10.10.2016 - October 8th was a real premiere for both the Austrian Karate Federation and the Bavarian Karate Federation. Pfarrkirchen (Germany) hosted this event and World Championships chief organizer Ewald Roth invited Bavaria’s Athletes to join the competition in Lower Austria, which they consider as their own home, too. He also pointed out that the rumours about the tickets being sold out weren’t true and that also enough hotel rooms were available for our guests.

Farewell Party

Awesome farewell party with world champions in the 'Remembar'

07.10.2016 - The motto of the night is party with world champs! On the last day of the World Karate Championships (30.10.2016) a great party night awaits you.

Workshop Linz

146 World Championshops volunteers made Kata in Linz and carry the event full of energy to the world

03.07.2016 - "Rei! Heian Shodan "- this command Hans Werner Streicher, Head of the Organization of the Karate World Championships, 25th-30th October in the TipsArena of Linz, gave at the end of Volunteers Workshop. Then 146 seminar participants started making this Kata. "This energy ran like a thread through the course. We now have over 100 new international ambassadors from Germany, Poland, Sweden, Russia, France, Morocco and Denmark for the World Championships", OC President Streicher was impressed.


Dan of Honour for Interior Minister Sobotka

03.06.2016 - Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka and Upper Austrian Marshal Andreas Pilsl got warmed up for the Karate World Championships 2016 in the Passage shopping mall in Linz. The two gentlemen were highly impressed by the Karate shows of the Kata team male Ajdin Besic, Christoph and Lukas Buchinger and Kata team female Kristin Wieninger, Joan-Marie Stadler and Patricia Bahledova from St. Pölten. The girls from Lower Austria were very successful at the Premier League in Morocco where the gained the gold medal just a couple of days ago. Upper Austria´s medal hope Bettina Plank demonstrated her Karate skills as well.


The Karate WC at Montpellier´s EC

09.05.2016 - From May 5th to 8th the 51st Karate European Championship took place in Montpellier, France, and we´ve been a part of it! Information was passed on and the official We Are Karate-shirts were tried and purchased right away at our World Championships stand (tenderly also referred to as the yellow bubble). As our partner OÖ-Touristik did send one of their experts to France, even accommodation and tickets could have been booked.


Karate World Championships circulates on tracks in Linz as „green event“

28.04.2016 - A mega event with approximately 2500 Karatekas from 135 nations, that is what Upper Austria´s sport fans can expect. Seen from that angle, it is the country´s biggest sport event,” Ewald Roth, head of the Karate World Championship´s (25.-30.10.) organizing committee states just before the tramway´s maiden voyage at the carriage shed Sonnensteinstraße. Upper Austria´s governor Josef Pühringer is in a Karate-buzz as well: „This championships gets the international top-class sport to Upper Austria.”