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Comprehensive talks with WKF in Madrid

20.09.2015 - Over the last couple of days comprehensive talks about the status of the arrangements for Linz 2016 were held in Madrid at the WKF´s (World Karate Federations) main office.

Hans Werner Streicher präsentiert WM bei den Green Events Austria

Karate World Championship 2016 - the next big "Green Event" in Austria

25.05.2015 - The presentation of the Karate World Championship 2016 in Linz was one of the highlights of this year's "Green Events Austria" - conference in the National Library in Vienna.

Eckart Neururer, Hans Werner Streicher und Ewald Roth im Parlament

Karate World Championships 2016 in the Austrian National Council

17.03.2015 - The ambiance of the Austrian Parliament was the dignified stage for the presentation of Linz 2016 for the members of the Sports Committee of the Austrian National Council.

Gruppenfoto vor Budokan Wels mit Vertretern des Weltverbandes und des Organisations Komitees

Offical visitation of WKF in Austria

12.03.2015 - WKF-General manager Francisco Alegrete and Esteban Perez, who is responsible for all issues of the tournament organisation visited Linz to peer the strategic concept and the locations of Linz 2016. Mr. Alegrete was accompanied by the managers of the TV-production company, which will produce the Karate Championship 2016.

Eckart Neururer als Volontär bei den <span lang=European Youth Olympic Games" />

On duty as a volunteer

08.02.2015 - Eckart Neururer, the deputy head of organisation of the Karate World Championships 2016 worked as a volunteer with EYOF (European Youth Olympic Festival).

Präsident Espinos übergibt WKF Flagge an Hans Werner Streicher

Flag of the WKF in Austrian hands

28.01.2015 - On the last day, the head of the Austrian organization team took the flag of the world karate federation (WKF) as a sign of confidence for Linz 2016.