Public Training in the Budokan in Wels


The Budokan in Wels opened its doors for national media on the 2nd of February. Curious journalists had the chance to watch the high profile training. Bettina Alstadsæther, a Norwegian top-Karateka, was here as well. And finally, everyone who had not competed at the Tatamis so far had the chance to learn the first Karate-moves.

“For training in Kumite you need highly skilled partners, whom we do have here at the Budokan”, Ewald Roth, trainer and World Championships-organizer, emphasizes. The Norwegian national athlete Bettina Alstadsæther is one of these partners. Just as Sara Cardin, who will compete for Italy in Linz and was training in Wels last weekend together with Bettina Plank.
The national Karate-elite is training in Wels on a regular base to prepare for the Wolrd Championships in front of local spectators. Roth is very optimistic for the upcoming competing season with the World Championships as the highlight: “Our chances of winning a medal are quite good. Two thirds of all the medals in Karate are won by European athletes – opposed to the assumption that Karate is dominated by Asian athletes.”

Special thanks to Helmut Ploberger for the great pictures.