WC presentation at the "Sport und Fun" fair in Ried: Strugl reveals himself to be a Karate-fan


“Unsu!” - that was the start signal from Ewald Roth, head of the WC (25.-30.10.2016 in Linz) organizing committee, for the Kata team´s presentation. Ajdin Besic with Lukas and Christoph Buchinger performed their program at the "Sport und Fun" fair in Ried, Upper Austria. Their show, and the following Kumite presentation by European Champion Bettina Plank, fascinated everyone present, especially sport county councilmember Michael Strugl: "I observe Bettina´s training at the Olympia center in Linz regularly - I´m looking forward to the WC."

Afterwards, many attendants joined the We Are Karate-project, like: Upper Austria´s sport director Gerhard Rumetshofer, his debuty Hannes Seyer, Union Europa president Gerhard Hauer, Table-Tennis president Hans Friedinger, entrepreneur Alois Fill, OÖLV head Hubert Lang, running machine Günther Weidlinger, fistball team captain Martin Weiß, fistball and rowing marketing boss Heinz Derflinger, head of the fair in Ried Helmut Slezak, OÖ-Union president Franz Schiefermair, Willy Grims and Michael Klimitsch from Erima, as well as top-canoeist Mendy Swoboda.
The following day the team traveled to the World Cup in Lasko (Slovenia).