Karate World Championships circulates on tracks in Linz as „green event“


A mega event with approximately 2500 Karatekas from 135 nations, that is what Upper Austria´s sport fans can expect. Seen from that angle, it is the country´s biggest sport event,” Ewald Roth, head of the Karate World Championship´s (25.-30.10.) organizing committee states just before the tramway´s maiden voyage at the carriage shed Sonnensteinstraße. Upper Austria´s governor Josef Pühringer is in a Karate-buzz as well: „This championships gets the international top-class sport to Upper Austria.”

As part of the maiden voyage the official World Championships-song, written by Andie Gabauer, was presented for the first time by Mojca Kosi-Oman. “The motto is now on on all tracks,” advertising partner Willy Grims (“erima”) and Monika Sandberger (Passage) are delighted. Further impressed guests of honor were Upper Austria´s sports director Gerhard Rumetshofer, head of the Upper Austrian Karate Association Kalr Hillinger and Union Upper Austria head Franz Schiefermair – all together having their fingers crossed for Bettina Plank. The athlete from Karate-do Wels Schwanenstadt is on her way to the European Championships (May, 5th -8th) in Montpellier, France.