Presentation of the Karate World Championships in Hinterstoder


„We have never had so many spectators before. It was phantastic – and an enormous challenge”, Lukas Buchinger, junior World Champion, is excited after the show to present the Karate World Championships in the ski worldcup´s finish area in Hinterstoder, Austria.

The ground slipped away very easily on the icy, steeply slope so Ajdin Besic, Lukas and Christoph Buchinger (Karatedo Wels) were fighting in the snow with their bare feet. In front of thousands of people this means a special challenge. After the presentation beeing a big success, the team was able to take some pictures with local ski-hero Marcel Hirscher.
Thomas Schell, the Karate WC 2016´s video producer, was able to gather exciting footage with the skiing scene´s who is who. The clips can be seen on pretty soon.