Rei. The greeting.

The bow in Karate-do is an expression of courtesy, respect and thankfulness. “Without courtesy, the value of Karate-do gets lost” (Gichin Funakoshi). Rei cultivates the bond among the practitioners and with the tradition of the art. They meet each other with respect, care and gratitude. The individual becomes a part of the whole and connects with other human beings and the universe.

Sport. Respect and courtesy in interaction with one another.

In sporting competitions respect for the opponent and courteous interactions are the visible signs of the bond with one another. The opponent who gives his/her best in the sporting competition is able to explore and transcend the limits of the individual. Thus the bowing before and after the fight is, above all, an expression of gratitude. In this context the sporting performance, which culminates in the determination of the winners of each category and the award recognition plays an important role in society.